0036 Labs



0036 Labs is Vite-based web3 company,
aiming to build a better financial future, and better culture online.
In short no. 0036 Labs is not limited to Vite, although we are based in the Vite network, we are always open to advising and building outside of it.
No. We do not provide any financial advice on this website or otherwise. Adults are responsible for where they invest their money.
No. 0036 is a company that builds and advises. We don't throw money around gambling for profit.

Why Crypto

We'd recommend starting your exploration by trying to understand what problems crypto is trying to solve.

In a few words, we'd say it is:
  • enabling a decentralized ledger-based currency system
  • enabling a decentralized network of computation / decentralized state transition machine
  • enabling an open network of APIs that can be leveraged to build increasingly advanced apps
  • enabling an incentive model for these open networks to grow via crypto tokens

      - JumpCrypto


Let's Chat

We’d love to chat about your project, send us an email or contact us on Discord.